Domestic & Commercial Drainage Pumps

Toshio offers services such as submersible pump manufacturing, and continues to develop different fluid mechanics design for different application and cooperating with long term relationship customer for their customization demand. Toshio continues to invest in R&D equipment and is the first to practice with 3D printing allowing R&D department reducing development time needed than before.

Domestic Drainage pumps are specially designed to be light weight and durable. Pumps need no electric panel and can be operated on single phase current. Pumps are easily transportable; can be used for tank cleaning application as well.

AHS Series- Light Weight Submersible Drainage Pump with Agitator


Multi-purpose pump for drainage applications in civil engineering, water treatment, homes, gardens and courtyard,


1/2HP - 2HP

JUSR Series - Light Weight Submersible Rain Water Drainage Pump


Specially designed to use on puddles and to drain residual water.

It is ideal to use on all flat surface such as basement, garage, small pits reducing liquid level as minimum as 3mm.



JUT Series - Submersible Sewage Pump


JUT is an economical type submersible vortex pump designed for handling raw sewage & wastewater, raw water supply from lakes or rivers,

sediment removal from small sumps or basins.


1/2HP - 1HP

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