TCM & THO Series

In past few decades industrial manufacturing sector has grown with a rapid pace leading to higher living standards. This has also led to major problem by form industrial effluent and household sewage. Vast quantities of waste water have damaged the eco system and polluted our water source to a great extent. Toshio Technology has been making every endeavor in developing the waste water treatment equipment. In addition to waste water pumps and sewage pumps, the company has developed submersible aerator for efficient treatment rate of waste water. These aerators have been widely used in domestic and overseas waste water treatment plants.

Products suitable to transfer treated water without any solids or fibres. Economical range for domestic or commercial applications.

TCM Series - Horizontal Centrifugal Mono Block Pump


Agriculture, irrigation, drip and sprinkles systems. gardening and nurseries. Domestic water supply. High rise buildings, hotels and hospitals. Chillers.


1/2HP - 5HP

THO series - Horizontal Centrifugal Mono Block Pump


Rural and urban drinking water supply. High rise building water supply. Lawn and gardening. Sprinkles and drip irrigation. Decorative foundations and waterfalls.


1/2HP - 3HP

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