At Toshio, we strive to be the industry leader in waste water pumps and equipment segment. Company offers complete pumping solution for sewage, effluent and dewatering applications. Products are designed to operate in tough conditions to pump water with solid particles.

With decade of experience, Toshio specializes in non-clog submersible pumps manufacturing, service and continues to invest in the fluid dynamic design, motor efficiency enhancement and R&D of various metal alloys. Toshio follows stringent quality standards to ensure uniform high quality products.

The success of Toshio brand has been based on unyielding commitment and attitude to technical excellence and unparalleled dedication to customer service . Our honesty and integrity have further contributed dedicated to a long term sustainable relationship with all our customers.

Toshio creates and fabricates stainless steel radial pumps and weight boosting frameworks for applications including drinking and process water. With regards to pressure driven productivity, unwavering quality and quality, our pumps and frameworks are among the best on the planet.

At Toshio, you can simply depend on great (after) deals benefit. A group of Technical Sales Engineers and Area Sales Managers is accessible consistently to help clients and accomplices worldwide with the determination or plan of the correct pump or framework for the application.

And in addition vitality productive pumps and frameworks that are alright to drink water, Toshio Pumps conveys answers for the transportation of filthy water and sewage, and additionally circulators for warming, atmosphere control and cooling (HVAC).

Since our origin we have dependably led business with an ethical obligation pair with a cognizant driven approach. We are most genuine to our qualities we sustain and responsible to all our co-operators in keeping up and expanding their riches.

Which are :-

Commitment towards condition​

Quality in everything.

Fairness in managing partners.

Building and supporting cooperation.

Developing and working with common trust.

Satisfying customer requirements will be an eternal pursuit of the company.

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