Domestic & Commercial Drainage Pumps

Domestic & Commercial Drainage Pumps JUT Series

Toshio Technology has been making every endeavor in developing the waste water treatment equipment. In addition to waste water pumps and sewage pumps, the company has developed submersible aerator for efficient treatment rate of waste water. These aerators have been widely used in domestic and overseas waste water treatment plants.

Domestic Drainage pumps are specially designed to be light weight and durable. Pumps need no electric panel and can be operated on single phase current. Pumps are easily transportable; can be used for tank cleaning application as well.

Drainage pumps are utilized to rapidly deplete or direct a lot of water starting with one place then onto the next.

At Toshio, we have drainage pumps that can be utilized for different applications, domestic and commercial sites. In the home, these pumps can be utilized for a wide range of assignments: to deplete overwhelmed storm cellars, purge swimming pools or to handle waterlogged regions of a garden.

Application :-

Domestic sewage transfer

Fountain water.

Water supply from lakes and open wells

Storm water drainage

Technical Data :-
Air Flow Range 50 ~ 350 lpm
Max. Head -
Liquid Temp. -
Frequency -
Spherical Clearance 35 mm

**For performance curve, please download our online catalog.

Performance Chart :-

JUT Series - Submersible Sewage Pump

Range: 1/2HP - 1HP
Features :-

High abrasive resistance resin Vortex impeller by DUPONT can pump effluent with 35 mm solid.

Double mechanical seal ensures longer pumps life and stable seal effect.

Auto reset thermal protector: cut off motor circuit automatically and restart when the motor cools down

Light weight - ideal for transportable pump but also can be used as stationary pump.

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