Submersible Mixer

Submersible Mixer is a mechanical gadget that is utilized to blend/mix slime tanks and other fluid volumes. Submersible Mixers are regularly utilized as a part of sewage treatment plants to keep solids in suspension in the different procedure tanks as well as muck holding tanks.

The submersible mixer is worked by an electric engine, which is coupled to the mixer's propeller, either coordinate coupled or by means of a planetary apparatus reducer. The propeller pivots and makes fluid stream in the tank, which thus keeps the solids in suspension. The submersible mixer is ordinarily introduced on a guide rail framework, which empowers the blender to be recovered for occasional investigation and preventive upkeep.

JM Series - Submersible Mixer


Ideal for biological treatment tanks, dilute lime storage tanks, heat-exchanger, ponds & river water circulations, mixing, stirring, dissolving of equalization tanks.

Anoxic/anaerobic tanks and oxidation basins (activated sludge) at sewage treatment plants

IFAS, MBBR, and other fixed film biocarrier processes.

Mixing of sewage wet wells

Reception tanks and post-digestion tanks at biogas facilities

Liquid Manure storage tanks at dairy, hog, and poultry farms

Waste processing at slaughterhouses, poultry abattoirs, fish processing plants, etc


JM Series - Submersible Mixer

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