Grinder & Cutter Pumps

Grinder & Cutter Pumps JSG Series

In past few decades industrial manufacturing sector has grown with a rapid pace leading to higher living standards. This has also led to major problem by form industrial effluent and household sewage. Vast quantities of waste water have damaged the eco system and polluted our water source to a great extent. Toshio Technology has been making every endeavor in developing the waste water treatment equipment. In addition to waste water pumps and sewage pumps, the company has developed submersible aerator for efficient treatment rate of waste water. These aerators have been widely used in domestic and overseas waste water treatment plants.

Grinder & cutter pumps are designed to cut large soft solids into small particles or fine mash to create homogeneous solution. This solution then can be pumped for further treatment without pipes getting chocked.

Grinder pumps use a turning cutting gadget at the delta, bringing about a fine slurry. Grinder pumps are normally found in bring down stream applications.

Most grinder pumps are submersible and keep running at higher velocities. They are normally introduced at the wellspring of the supply to the primary sewage framework.

Grinder pumps can undoubtedly deal with a portion of the hardest materials in the stream, yet at a cost. These pumps have a restricted head and stream range and utilize a lot of vitality contrasted with a standard submersible pump.

A Cutter pump's activity is likewise to lessen the size of solids. The cutter pump's impeller drives the turning cutting activity while the stationary component is mounted at the pumps suction end. The stationary cutter has a ring with cutting teeth or scissor like edges that shred materials entering the pump.

Cutter pumps are commonly used to address choking pipes and easy transfer of waste water for further treatment . Grinders and cutters submersible pumps are commonly used to handle hospital wastewater , kitchen waste water, commercial sewage treatment plant etc

Application :-

Sewage and waste water transfer for domestic and commercial buildings.

Kitchen waste water transfer

Hospital waste water transfer

Waste water transfer in slaughter houses

Effluent transfer in food processing, textile and pharmaceutical industry.

Technical Data :-
Flow Range 20~280 lpm
Max. Head -
Liquid Temp. 5'~40' C
Frequency 50/60 Hz
MOC CI Pump casing, cutter SUS440C Shaft SS410

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Performance Chart :-

AR Series - Submersible Aerator Pump

Range: 1.5HP - 7.5HP
Features :-

Durable heavy duty cast iron construction.

Superior heat dissipation.

Radial cutter and cutter ring are made up of SUS440C : corrosion for better resistance towards conversion.

Cast iron pump body and impeller, stainless steel cutting/grinding device and motor shroud

Available in manual or automatic pump options

Dual Ceramic/graphite mechanical seal

Motor with built-in auto reset thermal overload protector

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